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Youths Players Visit Sheffield United... 17/02/2018
Seven members of our U17 and U18 United squads visited Sheffield...

Soccer Sisters Easter Camp 17/02/2018
We are delighted to host an FAI Soccer Sisters Easter Camp on...

U13, U18 United Targeting Quarter... 17/02/2018
Best wishes to our U13 and U18 United teams in their respective...

Drinan completes Ipswich move 05/01/2018
Carrigaline United alumnus Aaron Drinan completed his move to...

Grant to be capped in Netherlands... 04/01/2018
Congratulations to U18 star Rebekah Grant on her selection for...

2018-02-24Joma/Sportsgear Direct U16 Division 3
Killinardrish-Coachford 3 vs1 Carrigaline United@The Glebe
2018-02-24Joma/Sportsgear Direct U16 Division 4
Ballinhassig 2 vs0 Carrigaline United@Gortnaglough
2018-02-24Roy Keane U13 Premier
Carrigaline United 1 vs2 Douglas Hall@Ballea Astro
2018-02-18Blackwater Motors U12 Premier
Corinthian Boys 1 vs0 Carrigaline United@Castletreasure
2018-02-18Joma/Sportsgear Direct U16 Premier
Carrigaline United 6 vs1 Ringmahon Rangers@Ballea Astro
2018-02-18Skechers U14 Premier
Richmond 1 vs1 Carrigaline United@CIT
2018-02-17Dennehys Health & Fitness U15 Division 5
Carrigaline United 2 vs6 Churchvilla@Ballea Astro
2018-02-17U13 SFAI Skechers National Cup
Mervue A 2 vs1 Carrigaline United@Mervue
2018-02-11Blackwater Motors U12 Division 7
Carrigaline United 0 vs4 Bandon@Ballea Astro
2018-02-11Skechers U14 Division 6
Carrigaline United 0 vs7 St Marys@Ballea Grass
2018-02-11U14 Skechers Local Cup
Carrigaline United 0 vs7 Midleton@Ballea Astro
2018-02-09Joma/Sportsgear Direct U16 Division 4
Blarney United 4 vs1 Carrigaline United@O'Shea Park
2018-02-04Blackwater Motors U12 Premier
Douglas Hall 1 vs1 Carrigaline United@Moneygourney
2018-02-04Dennehys Health & Fitness U15 Division 5
Mallow United 7 vs0 Carrigaline United@Academy Pitch
2018-02-04Joma/Sportsgear Direct U16 Premier
Carrigaline United 0 vs1 St Marys@Ballea Astro
2018-02-04Skechers U14 Premier
Douglas Hall 4 vs1 Carrigaline United@Moneygourney
2018-02-03U13 Local Cup
Midleton 0 vs2 Carrigaline United@Knockgriffin
2018-02-03U15 Dennehys Health & Fitness Local Cup
Carrigaline United 4 vs0 Youghal United@Ballea Astro
Richmond 7 vs1 Carrigaline United@Killeady
2018-01-28Joma/Sportsgear Direct U16 Division 3
Carrigaline United 1 vs3 Midleton@Ballea Astro
2018-01-28Joma/Sportsgear Direct U16 Division 4
Carrigaline United 0 vs2 Blarney United@Ballea Astro
2018-01-28Skechers U14 Division 3
Carrigaline United 0 vs1 Mallow United@Ballea Astro
2018-01-28Skechers U14 Premier
Carrigaline United 1 vs2 Corinthian Boys@Ballea Astro
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