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Congratulations to Shane Griffin 22/10/2017
Congratulations and well done to Shane Griffin and Cork City...

Magic Chef Sponsors Schoolgirls 22/10/2017
We are pleased to welcome Magic Chef as our Schoolgirl Sponsor...

Lip Sync Tickets on Sale Now 13/10/2017
Based on the popular show in the US, Lip Sync Superstars sees...

Confidence not Criticism - Rico'... 13/10/2017
This week's article from Damien Richardson reflects on the...

Drinan Moves to Ipswich 11/10/2017
Congratulations to former Carrigaline United schoolboy Aaron...

2017-11-19Dennehys Health & Fitness U15 Division 5
Churchvilla 6 vs3 Carrigaline United@ Kilboy Park
2017-11-19Joma/Sportsgear Direct U16 Premier
Carrigaline United 2 vs0 Blarney United@Ballea Astro
2017-11-19Skechers U14 Premier
Carrigaline United 0 vs0 Blarney United@Ballea Astro
2017-11-19U12 SFAI Skechers National Cup
Midleton 1 vs0 Carrigaline United@Mart Field
2017-11-19U13 Division 5
Fermoy 7 vs2 Carrigaline United@Carrig Park
2017-11-19U13 Division 6
Douglas Hall 3 vs1 Carrigaline United@Moneygourney
2017-11-18Dennehys Health & Fitness U15 Division 5
Carrigaline United 1 vs2 Tramore Athletic@Ballea Astro
2017-11-18Gary Comerford U15 Premier
Midleton 1 vs1 Carrigaline United@Knockgriffin
2017-11-18U13 SFAI Skechers National Cup
Blarney United 1 vs4 Carrigaline United@O'Shea Park
2017-11-12Blackwater Motors U12 Division 5
Carrigaline United 0 vs0 Springfield Ramblers@Ballea Astro
2017-11-12Joma/Sportsgear Direct U16 Division 3
Kinsale 2 vs5 Carrigaline United@Madden Park
2017-11-12Skechers U14 Division 3
Riverstown 0 vs4 Carrigaline United@Eastcliffe
2017-11-12Skechers U14 Division 6
Carrigaline United 1 vs7 Churchvilla@Ballea Astro
Douglas Hall 2 vs3 Carrigaline United@Kennedy Park
2017-11-12Skechers U14 Premier
Midleton 3 vs2 Carrigaline United@Knockgriffin
2017-11-11Blackwater Motors U12 Division 7
Corinthian Boys 2 vs2 Carrigaline United@Castletreasure
2017-11-11Blackwater Motors U12 Division 8
Corinthian Boys 5 vs1 Carrigaline United@Castletreasure
2017-11-11Gary Comerford U15 Premier
Carrigaline United 6 vs0 Castleview@Ballea Astro
2017-11-11Joma/Sportsgear Direct U16 Division 4
Passage 3 vs3 Carrigaline United@Maulbaun
2017-11-11Roy Keane U13 Premier
Carrigaline United 5 vs0 Midleton@Ballea Astro
2017-11-04Dennehys Health & Fitness U15 Division 5
Carrigaline United 2 vs7 Ballinhassig@Ballea Astro
2017-11-04Roy Keane U13 Premier
Blarney United 2 vs2 Carrigaline United@O'Shea Park
2017-11-04U13 Division 5
Carrigaline United 5 vs1 Churchvilla@Shanbally
2017-11-04U13 Division 6
Carrigaline United 5 vs5 Mallow United@Shanbally
2017-10-30U13 Division 5
Youghal United 4 vs0 Carrigaline United@Ardrath Park
2017-10-30U13 Division 6
Riverstown 7 vs0 Carrigaline United@Eastcliffe
2017-10-29Blackwater Motors U12 Division 5
Carrigaline United 0 vs0 Castleview@Ballea Astro
2017-10-29Blackwater Motors U12 Division 7
Carrigaline United 2 vs4 Leeside@Shanbally
2017-10-29Blackwater Motors U12 Division 8
Carrigaline United 0 vs7 Buttevant@Shanbally
2017-10-29Joma/Sportsgear Direct U16 Division 4
Springfield Ramblers 6 vs2 Carrigaline United@John Murphy Memorial Pk
2017-10-29Skechers U14 Division 6
Carrigaline United 4 vs3 Buttevant@Ballea Astro
2017-10-29U12 SFAI Skechers National Cup
Carrigaline United 2 vs0 Ringmahon Rangers@Ballea Astro
2017-10-29U14 SFAI Skechers National Cup
Mallow United 4 vs0 Carrigaline United@St. Gobnaits Park
2017-10-29U16 SFAI Skechers National Cup
Carrigaline United 2 vs3 Douglas Hall@Ballea Astro
2017-10-28Skechers U14 Division 3
Passage 2 vs1 Carrigaline United@Rockenham Park
2017-10-28Skechers U14 Division 6
Mallow United 6 vs2 Carrigaline United@St. Joseph's Road
2017-10-28U13 SFAI Skechers National Cup
Everton 1 vs2 Carrigaline United@Coffey's Field
2017-10-28U15 SFAI Skechers National Cup
Carrigaline United 4 vs5 Corinthian Boys@Ballea Astro
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